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This is Total Site Clearing
image a bulldozer clearing a demolition site.When making way for a new road, construction, or other development projects on undeveloped lands, site clearing needs to take place. This clearing ensures that construction crews won’t be hindered by any natural growth or even existing human-made structures within the natural environment before building is to begin. Let’s take a look at why this process is necessary and what exactly is involved. 

Why Start with Site Clearing?

Just like priming a surface for painting or cleaning up landscaping before mowing, site clearing is necessary when an existing plot of land is not yet ready for building services. Trees and other vegetation may stand in the way of the development of a plot of land. Rocks and boulders may interfere with the mobility of construction equipment. The site may also contain waste and trash that may have been left there due to the lack of use of the land. All of this is, and more may be an obstacle to construction crews and land developers. 

Removal of Vegetation

When trees and other vegetation inhibit the construction of roads and structures, demolition crews are employed to remove them. Large trees are either cut down in sections of wholly felled. The debris from tree removal can be recycled or otherwise removed. Stumps and roots from the uprooted trees may also present issues with construction crews, so they are pulled, cut, or dug away. No remnant of felled trees should remain after a well-executed site clearing. Vegetation, such as bushes and grasses, can also be removed to make construction efforts easier.

Removal of Rocks

Some terrain may appear favorable for development on the surface. Despite this, they may actually contain large rocks and boulders present challenges to construction crews. When this the case, demolition crews can demolish and remove the interfering rocks, boulders, and other abnormalities in the terrain. This can be accomplished with heavy excavation equipment, jackhammers, and on very rare occasions, explosives. The rocks are then loaded onto trucks and transported off of the premises. 

Removal of Trash

Some sites slated for development may contain amounts of waste from legal or illegal dumping. During a site clearing process, this trash is completely removed. Before disposal, waste will likely be separated to conserve recyclables and recover any metal components. Overall, the site should be completely cleared of all unwanted waste in the process of site clearing demolition.

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