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Barn Demolition

An old barn in Rochester, NY ready to be demolished.Barn Demolition vs. Barn Deconstruction

Many people don't realize that demolition isn't the only option when it comes to getting rid of an unwanted barn. Demolition is most definitely the most common option, but deconstruction is a close second. Deconstruction is like reverse construction. Rather than bulldozing the whole barn down, it is carefully dismantled piece by piece with the intention of salvaging as much wood as possible.
Because deconstruction is done by hand rather than heavy equipment, the process is more labor-intensive than demolition. This means that deconstruction takes longer and tends to be costlier than demolition. However, that extra time and money can pay off.

If you intend to sell the salvaged barn wood, the money made could offset the cost of deconstruction. So, under the right circumstances, you could essentially have your barn removed for little to no cost, while keeping material out of our landfills and wreaking havoc on our environment.

Barn Demolition Process

Demolishing a barn is extremely straightforward. The barn is torn down using heavy equipment, like an excavator or bulldozer, until there's nothing left standing. From there, the debris is loaded into a dumpster and hauled off the property.

Barn Deconstruction Process

  • Take things off the walls and remove everything from the interior of the barn.
  • Dismantle the exterior of the barn, such as paneling and windows.
  • Carefully tear away the roof of the barn.
  • Remove rafters and support beams.
  • Finish removing remaining posts.
  • Clean up around the perimeter of the barn, leaving no scraps behind.
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